Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) is a widely accepted, humane method of controlling the population of feral cats. 

Our group is very actively working in the Salem area to TNR free-roaming community cats as well as assisting property owners to manage community cat colonies on farms.

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Over time, TNR has been proven to drastically reduce the number of feral cats in communities.


 The cats are trapped in humane traps, taken to the vet for spay/neuter and vaccinations, then released back at the place they were trapped.


Volunteers feed the cats, provide shelter, and monitor the health and well-being of the cats. The cats live out their lives.


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If you are looking for help with cats on your property, please bear in mind that spay/neuter costs us a minimum of $100 per cat. We cover this cost when we can but funding is not always available as we rely 100% on donations to cover our costs.

We are not a government-funded entity and we are run completely by volunteers.