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Salem's Community Cats

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Who Are We?


We are a non-profit committed to improving the lives of feral, stray, and owned cats in Salem, NY through spay/neuter and TNR.


We are manned entirely by volunteers and rely on donations from the public in order to do the work we do.


Stray and feral cats deserve a chance at a better life. They didn't ask to be born outdoors or abandoned. Our group works hard to improve the lives of these creatures.

We also offer spay/neuter assistance to Salem cats whose owners otherwise couldn't afford these services.  

In 2023, our group took 66 kittens in from outside, fostered them, and adopted them into loving homes. We also rehomed 29 stray cats, TNR'd 82 community & barn cats, and assisted 73 owned cats with sterilization and vaccination services.  

Since we formed in 2019, our group has helped 1004 cats!

100% of all contributions go directly to cover the costs of cat care and vet expenses. Your donations keep us moving forward. We can't do what we do without the support of people like you!

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Love cats and love to read? Check out this awesome anthology, Purranormal Tails: A Fantastical Cat Anthology, available on Amazon. Twenty-one authors from all over the globe bring you a collection of stories and poems celebrating our feline friends.

Contributing authors include Salem's Community Cats volunteer, Holly Hewett! Proceeds benefit Salem Community Cats and

Belle Vie Animal Rescue.

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Salem's Community Cats is a registered 501 (c) (3) public charity, tax ID#84-4991280.

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